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Bridgerton Crowns & Tiaras

Become the talk of the ton this season with a crown or tiara from the New Bridgerton inspired collection.
Ab jewels, rhinestones, and simulated diamonds grace these crowns with silver or gold inlays.
Hair combs are on each end of the tiaras plus a lace ribbon is tied to each end for a secure fit.

Available 4/15/22 3pm pst only @starstuffboutique

I believe in the goodness in people and I would like to spread love and generosity to Ukrainian people in crisis. They are fleeing their homeland and leaving their country behind to save themselves and their families. Let's share what we can by assisting them with essential needs. This is why I will continue to donate a portion of all proceeds to the Cares Organization.

Bridgerton Crowns & Tiaras

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