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Mermaid Sirenity

Meet The Mermaid:

Mermaid Sirenity is located in the beautiful island of Oahu.
"Tell people you are a mermaid, most won't believe you. But those who do, keep them, they still have magic in their hearts."

What do you like about our brand?

Other than being the merfect mercessories, I love how every piece is handmade and individualized to each client. The color combinations that make all us mers unique are  perfectly synched with Star Stuff’s creations.


Where does your mermaid name come from?

My mersona, Mermaid Sirenity, comes from my childhood (into adulthood) love of Sailor Moon. Princess Serenity translated to me was Mermaid Sirenity. 


What is your favorite product from our brand?

The shell crowns, fins down. I love how they are so detailed even down to the paint, plus they photograph beautifully. 


What inspires you to live the mermaid life?

Being able to create magic in a world ruled by technology. Every time I get one child or even adult to believe in creativity and imagination, I’m inspired all over again. I like to think it’s the mermaid version of tinkerbell


What do you love about the ocean?

How different the world down there is. The quiet calmness it brings me, the structures, being able to co-exist with its creatures.


What state is your grotto in?



What is the best way to contact you?

@Mermaidsirenity on Instagram


What are your dreams/goals for this year? 

My husband (@thepaulerich) and I enjoy creating content for mermaids and mermaid alike. Our dream is to travel the world and being able to capture its beauty with a magical mermaid twist. 

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