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Orange County Mermaid

Meet The Mermaid:

Mermaid Avalon of Orange County  Mermaid delights guests of all ages in Southern California. She is both an aquatic performer & edu-tainer.

What do you like about our brand?

The thing I love most about SSB's mermaid accessories is they are all so versatile! I can wear them for aquatic performances, "dry" events, or even with my legs on for a casual mermaid vibe!


Where does your mermaid name come from?

My mer-mama named me after the resort town of Avalon, here on Santa Catalina Island off the Southern California coast! "Avalon" is a paradise island of the afterlife in Arthurian legend, and I would love to think that there are mermaids there as well!


What is your favorite product from our brand?

It is so hard to choose just one, but I especially love the dangling sea shell earrings! They go with EVERYTHING and are so natural and glamorous!


What inspires you to live the mermaid life?

I have always felt a deep connection to the ocean as a Pisces and due to the fact that I grew up right on the coast. Before I grew my fins, I learned to swim at a very early age and had a strong interest in freediving and marine biology. As a mermaid, I have the opportunity to make audiences of all ages believe in magic for an afternoon. It is truly the best job in the world and I love to see the smiles I create! It also gives me a platform as a marine biology "edu-tainer" to teach generations of people about the importance of protecting our oceans, in a fun way that I think really resonates!


What do you love about the ocean?

I find the ocean to be so healing, both physically and emotionally. Artistically it can be portrayed as mirroring all of our human emotions, and for (I would dare say) most people find it comforting to just exist by the ocean. It is a place that is quintessential to life on this planet and interconnected in our lives, no matter how far you live from the beach!


What state is your grotto in?

Southern California!


What is the best way to contact you?

By email: or on my Instagram: @orangecountymermaid


What are your dreams/goals for this year?

I am hoping to explore new places and meet more friendly faces! I have had so many amazing adventures performing for delightful children, high-profile celebs, and major companies here in SoCal, but I would love to see more of the world, swim up to some new beaches, and meet my fishy friends world-wide! I will be debuting my brand new fins by late summer/early autumn and can't wait to continue making a splash!

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