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1st week of quarentine for star stuff

Hello Stars,

I wanted to touch base with you and give you some insight of our 1st week at home.

This past last weekend we decided to pack up some essential items and take them to our families house. With States being on lockdown we knew that we would soon be as well.

Later this last week we received a notification from the business owner for our studio. We came back to the studio to grab everything else we would need to continue our work on your orders. We're so grateful to have a family who allows us to work in their house. We are also thankful for everyone who placed an order with us and will be receiving something shiny very soon. Our main focus is working hard on your orders with the utmost care.

PS If you're bored at home there are loads of ideas you can try on our previous blog titled "50 ideas for your home stay".



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