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Shine like the most regal jewel in the sea. This sliced Nautilus Headdress brings beauty and glamour to any mermaid.
With clear irredescent glitter that sparkles it will surely brighten your look. Sparkling in the sun and glowing with blue brilliance in the dark. A lace lined headband is adorned with crystal quartz, clear irredescent jewels, opal crystal beads, and glass beads sewn into it. Subtle leafs are behind the sliced nautilus shells to give this headdress depth and texture. Adjust the band to your head size and secure it to your natural hair or wig with the hair combs on each side. Swim to the depths with this water resistant headdress or float along the shore line. Mermaid proof and excellent for any regal look.

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted due to the nature of this item in compliace with personal hygene ethics. Once shipped it is no longer accepted for a return or refund. Please purchase with care.

  • Water Resistant

    This item is handmade with a clear water resistant top coating. Please keep in mind this seals the shells and beading from natural waters and chlorine. However if the item is dropped or damaged the coating can crack or break with excessive force. Please handle with care and keep the item stored in a safe temperature controlled enviornment.

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