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Purple Swimmable Mermaid Headdress

Purple Swimmable Mermaid Headdress

This Purple Swimmable Mermaid Headdress is currently available.

It was created with:

-sewn in purple ribbon

-sewn in white lace

-natural purple shells

-white shells

-purple jewels ith gold inlay

-Swarovski rhinestones

-clear coated for swimming

-adjustable back strap


It is swimmable and has been coated for pool and natural water swims!

It was carefully constructed and is sitting in our grotto ready to be used.

It will match with a variety of looks and can be worn in the water as long as you dry them off properly after each use.

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted due to the nature of this item in compliace with personal hygene ethics. Once shipped it is no longer accepted for a return or refund. Please purchase with care.

  • Water Resistant

    This item is handmade with a clear water resistant top coating. Please keep in mind this seals the shells and beading from natural waters and chlorine. However if the item is dropped or damaged the coating can crack or break with excessive force. Please handle with care and keep the item stored in a safe temperature controlled enviornment.

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