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Treasure Coast Mermaid

Meet The Mermaid:

Treasure Coast Mermaid is a entertainer located on the east coast of Florida. She is an aquatic entertainer and educator!

What do you like about our brand?

What I love about Star Stuff boutique, is how unique, creative and how high the quality is in their products. Star Stuff Boutique not only makes mermaid crowns, but also makes mermaid accessories that can be worn on a everyday basis which is pretty cool!


Where does your mermaid name come from?

My mermaid name is Treasure Coast Mermaid, I chose this name because I do live on the treasure coast of Florida and to show that I can be a traveling mermaid for potential jobs/gigs, plus the coast is called treasure coast from all the pirate gold found over here! What better to go with mermaids then pirates?!


What is your favorite product from our brand?

My favorite products I have received from Star Stuff Boutique would have to be the mermaid crowns that I just so happen to wear at all my festivals I work and of course the mermaid sunnies! I love wearing mermaid related items when not in my tail.


What inspires you to live the mermaid life?

I have always loved mermaids and pretended to be one growing up so now as a adult, I can be one. I love that this is the hobby I chose, it is so different and unique and I just love living the mermaid life.


What do you love about the ocean?

I love that the ocean is full of beautiful creatures and the fact that only a small percentage of the ocean has been explored, I don't know, maybe there are real mermaids out there :).


What state is your grotto in?



What is the best way to contact you?

I can be contacted through my email: or I can be messaged through my Instagram @treasure.coast.mermaid


What are your dreams/goals for this year?

My goals for this year as a mermaid is to keep busy every weekend I have off from my human job. So far I have been successful in this by doing festivals each month, birthday parties, meeting up with my mermaid friends for photo shoots or headed to the springs for a mermaid swim. My long term goal is to be able to be a mermaid full time.

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