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Vero Beach Mermaid

Meet The Mermaid:

Brandee lives for all things ocean inspired and loves to connect with people of all ages through the artistic form of being a Mermaid!


What do you like about our brand?

I really enjoy how fun and whimsical all of the Star Stuff Boutique creations are. Each piece is so unique and customized to the individual making their selection fun and limitless!


Where does your mermaid name come from?

My mermaid name comes from the city that I live in.


What is your favorite product from our brand?

I adore all of the mermaid crowns.


What inspires you to live the mermaid life?

The ocean is what inspires me to live a mermaid life. I love to take inspiration from the sea and bring it so many people that find joy in it everyday.


What do you love about the ocean?

Oh gosh I don't think I could every truly describe everything I love about the ocean. It's a life source filled with beautiful creatures and so much mystery.


What state is your grotto in?



What is the best way to contact you?

It's always best to reach me on instagram @verobeachmermaid


What are your dreams/goals for this year?

My goals this year are to continue to inspire others to keep dreaming and to reach people through my photos and videos! I am working on my own new event called Mermaid Marketing Mania and I am so excited to eventually travel the globe with it teaching others how to make Mermaiding marketable!

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